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I'm back baby :iconbenderplz:

I'm settled in at my new house and then I get a job, well technically it's a trail - but I'm qualified and experienced in everything on site, so they were all excited, and I'm all excited, and it'll be so awesome to work there!

But where I'm living now totally has internet :squee: the freedom is so awesome!

Now I've still got some wips and stuff to work on, art coming at ya!
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Saw both,

I calmly enjoyed the Doctor, although I think I got more amusement out of watching the person who is a proper Whovian fangirl squee her way through the entire thing. David Tennant and Matt Smith together is gold.

I was the one fangirling when Ponies. Was thinking about doing fanarts, but within 24 hours everyone else who had seen it before me has produced tonnes of fanarts already. I shall go back and work on my wips instead.

May I also say that the Twilight Scepter thing is careening out of control, I swear tumblr is just full of it. I do have say, this is my favourite:…

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...d. Curse you title limit! :shakefist:

1,454 messages to be exact. I think I need to stop watching some groups >< Crap that's going to take time to sort through. :faint:

No real art workings, :( I've been chipping away at my fanfic wips, it really had been too long since I've worked on those. Also, a little bit of pony. I'll do some more Futurama once the DVD comes out, then I can make higher quality stuff. :eager:

Went to the arcade in Crown Casino in Melbourne for my brother's birthday :happybounce:. A couple of rounds of Daytona USA, Point Blank, Air Hockey, some random basketball game and DDR was an awesome yet exhausting. Better way to waste money than actual Casino games.

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It's been a while since I've done Futurama art, apologies to the majority of you who watch me just for those. I will be trying to post different arts alternatively so you don't get a continous posting of art you won't look at.

I had a whole day yesterday, just me and my computer. Brace yourselves, several art uploadings incoming within the next half hour. :eager:

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Leela and the Genestalk
Game of Tones
Murder on the Planet Express
Stench and Stenchibility




I'm going to start churning out some scenes from the recent episodes as well as some request I know I've got to do. I haven't really been able to focus so much on making another "Fry and Leela's kids" pic, but I'll try and get those done as people have requested, in the next little while. Lots of art planned, here's hoping it all gets done.
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I now have tumblr.

It's just another spot to post my art, nothing that isn't on DA already. It would be nice if anyone wanted to follow me on it.

Also, if you have a tumblr, I'd be happy to follow you.

Lol, sounds rather stalkerish. Although not as bad as DA's "watch" :ninja:
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[[Posted ramblings on a forum, thought I might as well post it here too]

Assignment, done, handed in... 24hrs early. It's a PB for me with handing things in xD Frees me up to go see my mother tomorrow... also she'll be buying me lunch. And possibly clothes. Handing in an assignment early is totally worth it. Not to mention it was a pushover 500 word reflective piece, 4 references, on learning. Psh. I'm outta here, no internet access til Monday (unless I stay at my brothers tomorrow night, which I am contemplating, just purely to "make" him watch all the ponies and he's "making" me watch Adventure Time - ha! I love that show, and he loves ponies but he just won't admit it.) I am totally in rambling mood, this is the curse of the relfective writing, you totally just speak your mind, I had to cut my essay back as it turned out to be something like 650 words, but I got it back to 501. Nailed it... close enough... ;P

The relief! :faint: The pure relief, I'm on a roll, 3 assignments, all handed in on time in the one week, bitches I'm on a roll, :la: the next 3 assignments here I come - where dafaq was this kind of motivation last year? Whatevs, I already know top marks are coming my way for my big IT assignment, teacher was amazed at what I produced in the tute today, woo! :w00t:

Tasty out.…
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Which wouldn't be a problem if I were at home, because I rediscovered a 'TLF todo list', so this weekend I'mma get a'crackin' with this list. Don't expect a massive update from me on Monday though. These aren't little half hour projects, these are 'spendalldayscreencappingcharactersthatmatchrequestedOCsandrecreatecharactersinanenviromentthatismirroredtotheshow'

If you can read all that, have a cookie.

Looking forward to the new season of Futurama! I want to get my todo list done before it comes out and I get distracted by shiny new framegrabs!
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Or do what I'm doing and mindlessly browsing DA and FB at the same time. Also journal update because I've got nothing better to do.

... ok, so maybe that's a lie, but if I was to head back to my internetless house now it's a longer wait until I can get back on the webs tomorrow. Yeah, I'm addicted. I thought that was established already.

Uni starts on Monday (at 8:30, friggin ugh), and it's a bit inconsistent with times and whatnot, so updating and comments will be at really random times until my residence gets internets and then it will be most likely in the morning or evenings. Among the essays and projects I will probably get back into the swing of Futurama art, and even moreso later in the year when the new season will come out and I will have new art material.

So, about that influx of ponies, sorry to those who don't care much for it, but it's inspired me to start using flash and anything that inspires me to use an art program is something to be practised with. I'm getting better at my own style of drawing too, I might do some Potter stuff later on as well.

I don't really want to promise anything, cause sometimes it takes me an age to do these things. I do aim to get the 2nd futurama oc collaboration done sometime this semester though, cause I've promised that for a while, just haven't got around to doing it or ended up doing something else.

So this has been a pretty mundane update, without the usual pizaz of Tasty randomness, this is Tasty who hasn't consumed any sugar at all today... kinda weird...
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I'm at my parents home, quickly updating and message answering while I briefly have the internets.
The sudden influx of images you will get in the next hour is a product of me being extremely bored at my new house as study hasn't started, I can't find a job and there is no internet.

Thank goodness for this little moment of internet - and I shall also log back on either late tonight or tomorrow morning as I'll have access to my brothers internet (and also be able to watch the NCIS and MLP episodes I have missed).

In other news, I saw Les Mis, and it was epic. It takes something special to drive me to tears during a movie, and I lasted two hours without shedding a tear, but once they killed off the child I turned into a puddle of tears. Exceptional movie!
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I've got a new house to move into! :woohoo:

... my new housemates don't know what's coming! Futurama fanatical nuke incoming!
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Art is currently being put on hold, except for the random art that takes me fifteen minutes like the most recent sleeping Fry. I am going to do a big collab with Futurama children OCs which might take me some time more 'm afraid as it's complicated and I've got lots of travelling and paperwork to do in order to get back into uni.

Movies are awesome, and I'm currently collecting Disney DVDs, so any suggestions as to which one I should get next would be great. I already have: Tangled, Tarzan, Hercules, Lilo and Stitch, and Pinocchio. I'm scouting for Aladdin but can't find it - extraordinarily tempted to get the newly re-released Cinderella, but at $40 a pop when the others only cost me $15, it's a bit much to dip in the pocket for. I don't really want to include Pixar in this quest to get all the Disney, althought maybe with the exception of Wreck it Ralph cause that was epic.

Ponies are coming for you. But seriously, I'm liking this show (although I don't like being called a brony. Futurama is my fave show, I like the title Nerdlinger... look it up.) and it gives me the opportunity to exercise my own style, so I'm going to practise with pony characters in human form. It seems weird, but I love exploring character and mlp and its rabid fanbase gives the characters even more depth that I want to practise interpreting into drawing.

Facebook. What the hell [/Zapp Branniagan] "How are you doing, Elise?" "What's going on, Elise?" "How are you feeling, Elise?" Is that necessary, Facebook? I'll talk to you when I want to talk to you.

What, no emoticons? :faint:

.... wait. Since when did I descend into silly mood? I think midway through typing this. :shrug: For Narnia!!! *posts*
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302 messages >< Two weeks and 302 messages?!

... maybe I'm just watching too many people. But my two week leadership of a childrens program went really well. And once I've had some of this thing called 'sleep' I shall make some arts and update and possible get around to seeing all the new artness that's flooded in while I was away.

Stay tuned ;D
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So now that I'm at home again (and by home, I mean my parents house - internet restrictions ahoy!), I will be trying to get a bunch load of some art done, I've got requests I need to catch up on as well as some other RL stuff, so I'll try and get stuff done and uploaded, but I won't be taking any more requests until I've finished all the stuff I said I'd do.
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3 hours (from me posting this) until the ever-hyped season 3 premiere of "My Little Pony, Friendship is Magic". I'm not a 'brony' particularly, or at least I don't consider myself to be, but I am feeling a bit upset that because of The Hubs timing, it will be 1 am for me and I will be in bed (and hopefully asleep). I just want to see the people go nuts on the livestream xD However I'm not as desperate to watch it as to stay up that late.

Sorry for not having much new art, it's the last few weeks of uni and then I'll go home and hopefully have time to spam with new Futurama art :D

Good night, everyone! Enjoy your ponies!
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When I was one I had just begun
When I was two I was nearly new

When I was three I was hardly me
When I was four I was not much more

When I was five I was just alive
But now I am (twenty) six, I'm as clever as clever;

So I think I'll be (twenty) six now for ever and ever.

- A.A. Milne
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Lucy Fry now has over 9000 views. And I shall celebrate, with art... when I get back to my computer. I'm heading off to visit home which means no updates for the next 5 days. :faint:

I'll make something special when I get back. :D
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Tasty's learnt new multimedia programs!

One being Movie Maker xD Crappy, but fun.

Le clip of Bender dancing:…


(Thanks Megbeth for the dvd-rip program!)

Le edit: taken down for copyright infringement >< I wasn't even trying to claim anything! Shame D:
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Just chilling at a computer lab at uni, looking at assignments and shiz... bleh. I could be doing arts right now! >< damn computers not having the right image programs. So I'mma type to you instead.

I'm working out how to make a music clip using Futurama clips, but I don't know how to capture them off my dvds - I can get the image, just not the sound. Anyone know any free programs that I can do that with? I DON'T INTENT TO REPRODUCE THE SHOW OR SELL ANYTHING! Just want to play some music with Futurama clips with the odd quote (like "woo!" and "do the bender" and "I said do it!" and stuff like that) over the top, just for a bit of fan-made fun. <3

Also le art "Lucy Fry"… has got nearly 9000 views! :faint: How? Who? Why? But who cares! The moment that goes over nine thousand I'm making a 'over nine thousand' art, just because ;P
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55 days till Halloween & My Birthday :excited: Yeah it's a bit early for a countdown, but I don't care! I'm having a party - but I have no clue as what to go as!

I'd love to dress up as a character from somewhere; Futurama, Disney, Portal, Harry Potter, Star Wars, etc. There's too many fandoms to pick from! (Was contemplating Neutopia!Fry or cyberhouse!Leela, (even thought of Lucy xD But then nobody there would really get that.))

A little help? I want to dress up as a character, but one I haven't been before:

So don't suggest these:
Hermione Granger (Harry Potter)
Arwen (Lord of the Rings)
Puss (Puss in Boots)
Tinkerbell (Peter Pan)
Anakin Skywalker (Star Wars III)
The Tardis (Doctor Who) :dummy:

Also tell me if you've thought of what you're going as for Halloween!
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